Cloud Node -based control of energy assets

We have developed a cloud-based controller that enables us to remotely control your assets quickly. Our Cloud Node Controller is highly flexible, utilizing configurable control modules that can be set up by our remote support team. We can deliver and deploy our curtailment controller for most popular PV inverters and EV charging stations within one business day. For more complex energy systems, we offer local hardware installation within a week.

Our Cloud Node Controller currently includes modules that address the following scenarios:

  • Grid overload (congestion) control
  • Curtailment of PV and wind power imbalances (including reverse imbalances)
  • Shifting imbalances caused by EV chargers, heat pump cooling, and heating
  • Optimal bid control for battery systems (BAT)

With this standard set of modules, we can resolve congestion issues and reduce your energy costs simultaneously. To ensure convenience, each controller node is associated with an SBQR-code. This code allows customers and end-users to maintain full control by scanning it and directly overriding asset controls.

You can explore our demo controller at: