Managed hourly Energy Contracts

In addition to providing control services, we now also offer energy contracts. To sign up, simply fill in the form below on this page.

Currently, we offer “balancing contracts with day-ahead procurement.” In this contract, we accurately predict your energy production and consumption and purchase it at the prevailing hourly prices on the day-ahead market.

Since our predictions may not be perfect, a portion of your consumption and/or generation may be procured through the balancing market. However, by intelligently managing it with our “Node Control” system, we can turn the costs of this “imbalance” procurement into savings. In this way, we help stabilize the grid with our control services, and we generate additional earnings for you.

Currently, we only offer contracts to customers who also utilize our control services and have gone through the energy advice intake process. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask via email.

Also check the FAQ page with frequently asked questions to learn more about this service.