FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about E-contracts

When is it wise to sign an energy contract with SmartBOD.energy?
It is beneficial to sign an energy contract with us if you have a high degree of flexibility and/or predictability in your energy usage. This includes devices such as cold storage, boilers, heat pumps, or electric vehicles. Solar panels and wind turbines are also flexible, as they can be turned off during periods of negative prices. Of course, a battery, when properly controlled, offers the most flexibility!

What is the difference between day-ahead and imbalance prices?
We predict your energy consumption and/or production for the following day and buy or sell it on the day-ahead market at any price available, known as the day-ahead price. We only sell your solar production when prices are positive or above a threshold set by you (e.g., >0-SDE-GVO price). Imbalance prices apply to the remaining volume that is not sold, and these prices vary per 15-minute intervals. Imbalance prices can only be predicted and are not always known in advance. We provide an estimate of the price and update it every 30 seconds.

What are the costs included in my energy bill?
For detailed information, please refer to the registration form. The basic costs include:

  • Energy purchase and sale in kWh
  • Savings from imbalance optimization (costs avoided through smart control)
  • Energy tax (EB = excise duty) and subsidy contribution (ODE = Sustainable Energy Surcharge)
  • Service fee (costs for the online service of smart control).

Can I sign a contract for gas?
No, we currently do not offer contracts for gas.

Can I sign a contract without utilizing control services?
No, we only offer an energy contract to customers who utilize our control services. In some cases, control services are provided for free with the contract. However, this is applicable only for installations with a peak capacity of 100 kW or more. In such cases, you may pay slightly higher service fees for the first year and commit to a one-year contract.

Can I terminate a contract?
The contract can be terminated on a monthly basis, provided that the cancellation is made before the 15th of the month. A one-year contract can be terminated after one year and is automatically extended by one month at a time.